For us, wine is a joy, an experience and a challenge. That alcohol is included, makes the thing even more beautiful…

Our range of wines comes exclusively from wineries that attach great importance to natural, careful and sustainable management.
The wines are characterized by the prevailing climate, soils, locations, typical grape varieties and, of course, the winemaker. Therefore, we offer only wines of whose quality we have personally convinced ourselves. The wineries from which we source our drops all focus on quality over quantity.
We believe that a good wine has its price, but it does not have to be expensive.

We are not cheap but inexpensive!

No matter if you visit us in Berlin or in our online store: We want to carry you away with our enthusiasm.

Have fun drinking, and here’s to you!

We are the founders of Plenty Bottles

Florian Kassel
Wine Pirate

Florian comes from the upscale gastronomy industry. He completed his training at the Deidesheimer Hof in Rhineland-Palatinate. For him, enjoying wine is a joy of life that finds its sensual completion with good food. Out of love for detail and with his motto: “To make the invisible visible” he wants to bring out the versatility of the wines more and create a sensual pleasure experience for everyone that remains on everyone’s lips.

Daniel St├╝tz
especially cook

Daniel has a lot of experience in star gastronomy. He has worked in Munich at the Tantris restaurant, in France at the Auberge de I`Ill restaurant and was head chef at the legendary Hotel Adlon in Berlin, among others. Through his work as a cook and chef, he worked closely with sommeliers, was able to taste and enjoy many wines and did and still does with great diligence…